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Virtual Trivia Night
is held Fridays
at 7pm [PDT] / 10pm [EDT].

A button to join in Zoom will appear here approximately 20-minutes before the game begins.




"Makes n' models of wild wedding screenshots."

Trivia Question d'Week

Here's one of my favorite questions from last week:

Q:  Two of the world's major religions, Judaism and Islam, stem from the world's oldest recorded sibling rivalry, between what two sons of Abraham?

from Trivia Round:

World Religions

Until we're all able to be back at the bars and restaurants together, I'm hosting a virtual Trivia Night every week! 

Here's how it works:

Questions & Answers

  • Four Rounds of Questions
    • Ten 1-pt Questions & a 2-pt Bonus Question.  Each round a different subject.
  • Keep Track of Your Own Answers
    • Use your own paper or notepad app.  No need to submit any answers.
  • Grade Your Own Papers
    • I’ll show the answers after each round.  Again, the honor system applies.

Friends & Enemies

  • Play Solo
    • ‘Cause you wanna see what you’ve got.  Or, you don’t play well with others.
  • Play as a Team
    • Even in different homes, using your favorite group chat app.
  • Play Against Each Other
    • Show your roommates who the smart one really is.  ;-)

Cash & Prizes?

  • No Buy In!  Play for FREE!
    • But feel free to thank your host.  (Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.)
  • Just for FUN! (Sorry, no Prizes.)
    • Since I can’t monitor or prevent cheating, I can’t fairly award prizes.
  • Honor System - Please don't cheat
    • What would be the point?  (Such Trolls are not welcome here.)

Schedule & Timing

  • Every Friday Night
    • 7pm [PDT] / 10pm [EDT]
  • Each round lasts about 20 min
    • Give or take a few minutes.
  • Half-Time Intermission ~ 5 min
    • Time to pee, get a drink, etc.  Or whatever else you can do in that time.
  • Full Game is usually ~1:30-:45.
    • Extra time to read rules, tie-breakers, etc, And sometimes I go on tangents.

Get a group of friends (at a safe distance) and if you aren't already sheltering in the same home, decide how you want to communicate with each other during the actual game. I recommend using your favorite group-chat app. If you also want to play against other friends as teams, you are welcome to compare scores directly.

I will also collect scores at half-time, as I normally do in the bars, but providing your score is totally voluntary.

And since there's no way I can control or prevent cheating (yet), there will be no official prizes or anything like that. I'm just doing this to help provide a bit of fun and entertainment while we're all stuck at home.

No Buy-In, but thanking your host is highly encouraged.

Presented with Zoom, using a direct link to the game right here at the top of this page. Download the Zoom app in advance to make things easier.

Friday night at 7pm [PDT] / 10pm [EDT].

  • Four rounds of questions (Ten at 1-pt, plus a 2-pt Bonus Question)
  • Each round a different subject.
  • Visual Rounds!
  • Audio Rounds!
  • Tons of FUN!

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