Thanksgiving Trivia

Yes, it's true. I'm hosting Trivia Night on Thanksgiving. Let's face it, 2020's gone all wonky, anyway. So let's still have some fun, ok?

Join the Game!

Virtual Trivia Night is
held Thursdays at
7pm [PDT) / 10pm [EDT].

A button to join in Zoom will appear here
approximately 20-minutes before the game begins.
(You may have to refresh the page to see it.)



"Name that tune: My Spanish Thanksgiving has Gone to the Dogs."

Trivia Question d'Week

Here's one of my favorite questions from last week:

Q:  What US city has the most chapels per capita?

from Trivia Round:


Until we're all able to be back at the bars and restaurants together, I'm hosting a virtual Trivia Night every week! 

Here's how it works:

Questions & Answers

  • Four Rounds of Questions
    • Ten 1-pt Questions & a 2-pt Bonus Question.  Each round a different subject.
  • Keep Track of Your Own Answers
    • Use your own paper or notepad app.  No need to submit any answers.
  • Grade Your Own Papers
    • I’ll show the answers after each round.  Again, the honor system applies.

Friends & Enemies

  • Play Solo
    • ‘Cause you wanna see what you’ve got.  Or, you don’t play well with others.
  • Play as a Team
    • Even in different homes, using your favorite group chat app.
  • Play Against Each Other
    • Show your roommates who the smart one really is.  ;-)

Cash & Prizes?

  • No Buy In!  Play for FREE!
    • But feel free to tip your host.  (Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.)
  • Just for FUN! (Sorry, no Prizes.)
    • Since I can’t monitor or prevent cheating, I can’t fairly award prizes.
  • Honor System - Please don’t cheat
    • What would be the point?  (Such Trolls are not welcome here.)

Schedule & Timing

  • Every Thursday Night
    • 7pm [PDT] / 10pm [EDT]
  • Each round lasts about 20 min
    • Give or take a few minutes.
  • Half-Time Intermission ~ 5 min
    • Time to pee, get a drink, etc.  Or whatever else you can do in that time.
  • Full Game is usually ~1:30-:45.
    • Extra time to read rules, tie-breakers, etc, And sometimes I go on tangents.

Get a group of friends (at a safe distance) and if you aren't already sheltering in the same home, decide how you want to communicate with each other during the actual game. I recommend using your favorite group-chat app. If you also want to play against other friends as teams, you are welcome to compare scores directly.

I will also collect scores at half-time, as I normally do in the bars, but providing your score is totally voluntary.

And since there's no way I can control or prevent cheating (yet), there will be no official prizes or anything like that. I'm just doing this to help provide a bit of fun and entertainment while we're all stuck at home.

No Buy-In, but tipping your host is highly encouraged since this is my only income right now.

Presented with Zoom, using a direct link to the game right here at the top of this page. Download the Zoom app in advance to make things easier.

Thursday night at 7pm [PDT] / 10pm [EDT].

  • Four rounds of questions (Ten at 1-pt, plus a 2-pt Bonus Question)
  • Each round a different subject.
  • Visual Rounds!
  • Audio Rounds!
  • Tons of FUN!

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