Please note:

During the Coronavirus Pandemic,

  • Both Trivia Games and Magic Shows will be offered via Zoom (or similar platforms).

  • For any in-person performances,

    • Listed prices will increase by:

      • 25% during Phase 2

      • 15% during Phase 3

      • 10% during Phase 4 (until fully cleared by State/Local officials)

    • State & Local guidelines for Social Distancing & Mask-Wearing shall be maintained.



The next set of #NotVeryHelpfulHints are coming soon. (I usually post them a day or two before each week's game.)

Projects and Services tagged with MC

Boston's Pizza Trivia Host

Boston's Pizza Trivia Host

Leland has been hosting Trivia Nights at two Puget Sound locations of Boston's Gourmet Pizza since 2009.

Buzz Inn Open Mic Nights

Buzz Inn Open Mic Nights

Leland designed this poster for an Open Mic Night he also hosted.

Trivia Host

Trivia Host

As the Host and Creator of the Best Trivia Night in the Puget Sound, Leland is ready to help make your slow nights busy again!

Book Leland for your Event Today!


Waterwheel Lounge

Waterwheel Lounge

Leland designed and built the Waterwheel's website.  He also hosts their weekly Trivia Night.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • Premium Dates (Holidays and High-Demand Dates) may carry additional costs.

  • All Pricing for 25-mile radius of my home. Add'l costs will be incurred beyond 25-mile radius.

  • Reasonable travel costs, hotel room (of a national chain), incidentals, & $50 per diem will be added for any required travel and/or overnight stay.

  • Fifty-percent (50%) deposit is required to hold any date.

  • Events canceled less than one week before the scheduled date will forfeit the deposit, but it may be applied toward another mutually agreeable date within six months. Events canceled less than 72 hours before the scheduled date/time must pay the total balance due, but can apply the cost toward another mutually agreeable date within six months.

  • Any event that is less than 72-hours away at the time of booking is considered a 'last-minute booking.' In these cases, the entire amount quoted is due at the time of booking. Cancellations of a last-minute booking will forfeit all payments, but can apply the cost toward another mutually agreeable date within six months.

  • If I am unable to complete the services for any reason (such as an emergency, etc), I will attempt, in all good faith, to provide a replacement performer of equal or greater value (at my own expense, if greater). If unable to do so, I will refund any deposits paid.

  • In-person, close-up performances have increased rates during the Coronavirus pandemic. I will wear a mask during such events, and the magic tricks performed will be selected to help minimize direct contact with you and your guests.

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