"The best magician I've ever seen."

Kai, age 10

Julie R: 'My office hired Leland to perform at an event with about forty children ranging in age from three to twelve.  Leland delivered a funny, clever, age appropriate magic show that the kids absolutely loved and the adults enjoyed as well.  He was extremely professional, responded immediately to all of my emails, arrived earlier than scheduled and performed unique tricks that kept the kiddos amazed.  Thank you for the fabulous entertainment Leland, we will definitely hire you for another event!! -Julie R., JDRF, NW Chapter'

Mary F: 'S. and C. keep asking if I remember the fun magic show. :-) And they keep telling me their favorite Parts. Now S's favorite part is that the magic words were please and thank you. S has started referring to himself as Magic S. I think you have quite the little fan.'


Lelando will keep both kids and adults entertained at your event.

An entertainer his entire life, Lelando includes the role of Magician among his entertainment arsenal.   Combined with his long-time role as Balloon Twister, Lelando will keep the kids (and many adults!) entertained for hours at your event.

Lelando offers Family-Friendly Magical experiences the kids and family events, but can just as easily entertain a room full of adults, as well.

Magic Shows

Lelando's Magic Shows are anything but standard or traditional.  He performs tricks and routines you just don't see most other magicians doing.

Lelando offers different magic shows for different ages groups, which can be geared toward Kids, Families (all-ages), or Adults.

  • Required: Please provide a stage area that is at least 10' wide and 6' deep. 

    • If possible, provide photos of the stage area, from both the audience and performer's p.o.v.

    • Your 'Stage' doesn't necessarily have to be a real stage; it can be one end of your living room or patio, as long as there's enough space ( at least 10'x6').  If you are uncertain, contact Lelando to discuss the area, so we can make sure he's prepared with a show that will work in your space!

  • Timing: Stage shows are priced per show, not by the hour, but for the sake of scheduling, most performances will typically last about 45 minutes (give or take), and will usually require about 30-45 minutes before and 20-30 minutes after to set-up and strike the props (exact timing varies per show).

  • Pricing:

    • A standard Family-Friendly show for up to 50 guests typically begins at $350*.

    • Specialty shows are priced individually.

    • Ask about a variety of "Extras" that can be offered (prices vary).

      • With an appropriate photograph of the guest of honor, Lelando can create a customized trick and leave them a seemingly impossible memento of the occasion to cherish for a lifetime!

      • Lelando can help you present your guest of honor with almost any special gift in a magical way!  Pets, Tickets, Cash... whatever!

      • Lelando can help your guest of honor make a very magical grand entrance!

      • Have something else in mind?  Just ask!
    • Contact Lelando for exact pricing and special scenarios.

    • Counts as the "First Hour" when adding hourly-billed performance types (see add'l tabs).

Close-Up Magic

  • Pricing: $250* first hour, $200 add'l hour (@ 15-min increments); 1-hr minimum.

Whether entertaining at a cocktail party or tableside, Lelando performs a short series of magic for smaller groups of people at a time, moving his way throughout the guests at the event.  There are several types of Close-Up Events:

Walk-Around / "Strolling" - You're having a large party-type event, where people will be mingling and socializing, usually standing, and not formally seated for dining; Lelando moves from small group to small group to perform a few tricks at a time for them, usually about 5-10 minutes per group.

Tableside Magic: Standard Tables - You're having an event where people are dining at standard sized tables (2-6 people per table).  Lelando performs a few tricks at a time for each table, usually about 5-10 minutes per group.

Tableside Magic: Banquet Tables - You're having a banquet-style event, where people are seated at large tables (more than 6 people per table).  Lelando performs a few tricks at a time for each table, usually about 5-10 minutes per group. (Let us know what you expect for table sizes.)

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* = Premium Dates (Holidays and High-Demand Dates) may carry additional costs.
All Pricing for 25-mile radius of 98290. Add'l costs incurred beyond 25-mile radius.
Reasonable travel costs, hotel room (of a national chain), incidentals, & $50 per diem will be added for any required travel and/or overnight stay.

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