Drink to Bones that Turn to Dust: A Toast to Oingo Boingo

Listen to Drink to Bones that Turn to Dust: a Toast to Oingo Boingo in its entirety.

01 Who Do You Want To Be

02 Running on a Treadmill

03 Grey Matter

04 Heard Somebody Cry

05 Lost Like This

06 Nasty Habits

07 On the Outside

08 Spider

09 Nothing Bad Ever Happens

10 Skin

11 Little Girls

12 Only a Lad

13 Not My Slave

14 Stay

15 Little Guns

16 Private Life

17 Dead Man's Party

Bonus Remix: Spydub


Sick - Nasty Habits (Promo)

The Cheats - Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me (Promo)

Delta Nove - Only a Lad (Parody)

Octothorpe - Little Guns (Promo)

Drink to Bones that Turn to Dust: A Toast to Oingo Boingo

As co-founder of Dept. of Records, LLC, a small independent record label, Leland was the co-Producer, Engineer, and Graphic Designer for this world-wide released tribute album to 80's rock band, Oingo Boingo.  He also performed on it.


  • Client: Dept. of Records, LLC.

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